We have long experience of supplying hydraulic solutions for our customers’ applications. We supply cylinders of all sizes as well as complete systems for various environments. We provide integrated systems including hydraulics and control systems. In addition to customised solutions, we offer a wide standard range of our own cylinders, piston accumulators, pulsation dampers and valve blocks.

Production takes place at five facilities in southern Sweden and one in Nastola Finland. PMC Cylinders is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of hydraulic solutions.

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We mainly supply products and services to the areas below.


Dacke Industri acquires Arcos Hydraulik AB and forms two cylinder companies; PMC Cylinders and Arcos Hydraulik

PMC Cylinders in Vaggeryd – with focus on international mobile OEM-customers and Arcos Hydraulik in Sävsjö, Borlänge, Nastola och Hällaryd – with focus on customer in industrial, energy and marine sectors in Northern Europe. Read the press release.

We are looking for skilled coworker to our assembly department for power packs and cylinders to PMC Cylinders in Sävsjö

For more information contact Thomas Johansson,
+46 (0)382 525 18, thomas.johansson@pmccylinders.com

We are looking for welders and CNC operators for both lathe and multi-operation machines for all our business units

For Vaggeryd contact Kenneth Gustavsson, +46 (0)393 365 11, kenneth.gustavsson@pmccylinders.com

For Sävsjö contact Thomas Johansson, +46 (0)382 525 18, thomas.johansson@pmccylinders.com

For Hällaryd contact Jimmy Ström, +46 (0)383-73 73 02, jimmy.strom@pmccylinders.com


PMC Cylinders (Vaggeryd)
Frideborgsvägen 21
567 30 Vaggeryd
Tel: +46 393 365 00

PMC Cylinders (Sävsjö)
Hantverkaregatan 7
576 35 Sävsjö
Tel: +46 382 525 00

PMC Cylinders (Hällaryd)
574 93 Vetlanda
Tel: +46 383 73 73 00

PMC Cylinders OY (Nastola)
Vaakatie 8
155 60 Nastola, Finland
Tel: +358 20 770 8000