• Capacity 1-25 tons
  • 11 different standard models
  • Also manufactures customized aggregates
  • Wide range of aggregates for indoor and outdoor trucks

For 30 years, PMC Cylinders has been developing integrated fork poisitioners with sideshift for truck manufacturers all over the world. Together with our customers, we have found solutions for cost-effective production, with hydraulics having a decisive role in allowing effective handling of the forks from the cab. Our forklift attachments are designed for maximum opening range, free visibility and load capacity.

We at PMC Cylinders construct and manufacture complete aggregates and even the hydraulics are produced in-house. This is a great advantage for you as a truck manufacturer. We stock all the component parts and can quickly build and deliver new systems to order, which means we can match your manufacturing requirements.

We also stock spare parts for our aggregates, ensuring a high level of service to our customers. Service for end-users can also be arranged as required.

To further increase the focus in this area, this business has been incorporated under the name PMC Attachment AB. In addition, our operation are reinforced by a number of new recruitments, investments in our production and a broader product range.

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