The forestry, steel, engineering, food, packaging, transport and defence industries are all examples of our customer sectors. There is a particular demand for our products and services from the steel, paper and mining industries.

Safe, carefully planned systems of the highest quality, reducing the risk of downtime and interruptions – that is our guiding principle.


Our customers in the steel industry regard us as a natural partner, our strength being establishment of close collaboration in order to safeguard the customer’s processes.


PMC Cylinders has very long experience of supplying complete hydraulic systems and parts to the mining industry. We provide everything from calculations to assembly / installation.


PMC Cylinders has very long experience of supplying hydraulic cylinders to the paper and pulp industry. We posesses substantial technological competence for developing high-quality solutions.

By providing everything from cylinders to special products, customized cylinders to spare parts and maintenance we have unique ability to offer our customers the best total solutions. We supply hydraulic aggregates and cylinders for washing presses and mesa filters as well as cylinders for diffusers.


There is a need for hydraulic equipment in the entire process in the sawmill industry, and PMC Cylinders, with their 40 years of experience and being regarded as one of the foremost cooperation partners, is the natural choice as supplier.


In the defence, medical, packaging and machinery building industries we supply not only hydraulics but also our unique know-how. Examples of areas where our solutions are used:

  • Production of proteins in the pharmaceuticals industry
  • Cylinder applications for the food industry
  • Special machinery for the automotive industry.

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