In collaboration with our customers, we design and build complete hydraulic systems for every need. We are specialists in advanced, unique systems that require high-precision movement or hydraulics for high pressure. We take responsibility all the way through to an effective solution for hydraulics and control systems including installation.

We are brand-independent, meaning that we can supply our customers with the optimal solution, and we stock spare parts and components for quick delivery.

We frequently build turnkey systems that include cylinders and accumulators, for which we offer a useful service and maintenance agreement that eliminates costly and unnecessary production downtime.

The aggregates are designed with modern 3D technology and are installed by experienced hydraulics engineers at our plant in Sävsjö.

Our hydraulics aggregates are built in accordance with the EU’s Machinery Directive, and each unit supplied is delivered not only with user manuals and technical documentation but also with 2B certification of partly completed machinery.

All units are tested and finally checked prior to delivery to customer.

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