Forklifts. Reach stackers. Mobile cranes. Material handling. Arial Platforms. Piling machines. We love things that move, and cylinders for the mobile sector are our home arena. For more than 60 years, PMC Cylinders has been designing and developing hydraulic cylinders for large and small companies worldwide. Our customers have one thing in common. They expect excellence in everything we do, which constantly challenges us to remain at the cutting edge. We also provide accessories such as piston accumulators, pulsation dampers and valve blocks.

Production takes place at our three facilities in southern Sweden. PMC Cylinders is one of
Europe´s leading suppliers of hydraulic cylinders for mobile applications. Read more about our offer in Mobile cylinders – Our home arena.

Watch the film Mobile cylinders – Our home arena.



Actions due to Covid-19

As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruption globally.

PMC Cylinders will reduce the production capacity to 60% for the next coming four weeks, operating 3 days a week, Tuesday to Thursday starting from W14 through W17

Shipping and receiving of goods are limited to these three days per week.

We support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund
We are looking for welders and CNC operators for both lathe and multi-operation machines

Contact Kenneth Gustavsson, +46 (0)393 365 11,

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