PMC Cylinders will develop, manufacture and sell cost efficient hydraulic cylinders and niche products, to mobile OEM customers with high demands in Europe. PMC Cylinders will deliver products that meet our customer requirements for quality, lead-time and delivery performance.


PMC Cylinders shall be the leading manufacturer of technically advanced hydraulic cylinders to international mobile OEM customers.


Here you can read about our Code of Conduct.


Continuous improvement 
  • Invest in and develop our production
  • Delivery precision >95%
  • Quality <1500 ppm
  • Productivity improvement >3% year
Segment Customers
  • Mobile OEM customers
  • Focus on large / long cylinders
Price Management
  • Deliver the right product at market price


PMC Cylinders has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic products since the 1950s.

PMC Cylinders was formed in 2009 with the merging of Vaggeryds Hydraulik AB and CA-Verken AB. Prior to the merger, Vaggeryds Hydraulik AB had acquired Hällarydsverken AB, a manufacturer of large cylinders, and Östermo Mekaniska, a manufacturer of small cylinders in large series and fork spreader units.

Between 2007 and 2008, large investments were made in machinery, buildings and the new Large facility for production of cylinders longer than 4 metres.

PMC Cylinders has been a subsidiary of Dacke Industri since January 2016. July 1, 2018 Dacke Industri forms two cylinder companies; PMC Cylinders and Arcos Hydraulik. PMC Cylinders in Vaggeryd will focus on international mobile OEM-customers.

Within the mobile business, we have invested 3.5 MEUR, to meet the required capacity, productivity and precision in quality/deliveries to our present and new customers.

Frideborgsvägen 21
567 30 Vaggeryd
Tel: +46 393 365 00