PMC Cylinders AB has 35 years experience of manufacturing piston accumulators which are CE-approved as per PED2014/68/EU and issued by DNV/GL. Design code and manufactured according to EN 14359:2006 + A1. The certificates can be found under Documents.

Our standard series is:


Example areas of use

The piston accumulators are used in applications for shock absorption, braking systems, energy storage, power backup and volume compensation.

Piston accumulators in carbon steel
PACPiston Accumulators Carbon steel

Carbon steel piston accumulators for 250 and 350 bar operating pressure are suitable for applications in the solution areas of OEM Mobile.


 Pulsation dampers PRC reduces the effect of vibration
PMC Cylinders reactive pulsation damper PRC reduces the effect of harmful pulsations and vibrations in hydraulic systems. Pulsations from the hydraulic pump causing noise and sound from the frame. This is a serious environmental problem in many industrial plants, mobile vehicles and marine applications.

Pulsations from the pump may also cause damage in terms of wear at the hydraulic components in the system as well as on the sealing systems.


Pulsation damper PRC reduces noise, sound from the frame and vibrations and extend life span of the components in the hydraulic system. This will also create conditions for none leaking and silent systems.

Pulsation damper PRC gets the best properties at frequencies from 100 Hz and above. As the pulsation damper PRC does not include any moving parts no maintenance is required. The high and low pulsation amplitudes will delete each other by reflexion within the pulsation damper.

Information about installation and dimension programs, see brochure.

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