PMC Cylinders shall be the leading manufacturer of technical advanced hydraulic cylinders to mobile OEM-customers. Our customers high demands will reflect our way to improve quality.

PMC strategy with continuous improvement are shown by:

• Design and R&D in close cooperation with our customers.

• Validation of new products by testing and strength calculation.

• Well defined processes with possibility to measure quality goals and delivery precision.

• Information and education secure a high quality awareness with all employees.

• Information and education secure a high standard regarding cleanliness in all our production processes to minimize particles.

• Root cause analysis to find root cause to our deviations and avoid reoccurrence.

See our quality documents under Documents.


PMC Cylinders shall be the leading manufacturer of technical advanced hydraulic cylinders to mobile OEM-customers. We consider environmental aspects when developing new products and choosing manufacturing methods.

PMC strategy with environmental work are shown by:

• Operations are managed efficient and with a minimum of resources.

• Waste and emissions shall be minimized as much as possible depending on technical and economic possibility.

• Laws and other demands shall be followed.

• Our environmental work shall be improved continuously.

• Prevent pollutants. 

 See our environmental documents under Documents.



PMC Cylinders AB’s quality and environmental management system comprises the activities at Bäckaskog 12, Bäckaskog 23 and Yggen 1 in Vaggeryd.The quality and environmental management system also includes PMC Cylinder’s products and services as well as the requirements imposed by PMC Cylinders on its suppliers and handle both external and internal environmental issues, our binding requirements and the essential requirements of stakeholders.


Our validation center enables us to ensure the functionality and durability of the product at an early stage. This can shorten the testing period for our customers.

We have the capacity to perform full strokes with full resistance for cylinders up to ø140 and a stroke length of 1600 mm.

During long-term testing in our validation center, we can automatically monitor parameters such as purity and temperature over time. This information is recorded in a test report generated by the software. This way, we can detect any abnormal changes during testing.

Our equipment for pulsation testing allows for rapid test processes. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know that if the cylinder withstands a certain number of pulsations, it will have a long service life in its application.

After conducting the tests, a thorough examination and report are always carried out by our skilled engineers.

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