PMC Cylinders offers a wide range of Deva self-lubricating bearings. Deva is valued worldwide as a particularly prime address for maintenance-free, self-lubricating sliding bearings fulfilling the highest standards in industrial applications.

Users of Deva-products can benefit from more than 60 years of experience with self-lubricating bearings and make use of the latest material developments supported by modern test facilities.

Let the Deva application engineering team assist you with material selection, design, mounting advice and life time calculations.

Deva is certified according to DIN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Deva.metal is a self-lubricating bearing metal manufactured by advanced powder metallurgy. It is fully compacted, unlike oil-impregnated porous bronze materials that are weak by comparison. Deva.metal is provided with an evenly distributed solid lubricant throughout its metallic matrix.

Deva.metal :

  • Is suitable for dry running at slow sliding speeds and high loads
  • Is stick-slip free
  • Has high resistance to temperature and corrosion
  • Is insensitive to contamination and edge pressures
  • Can be easily machined if required

DEVA.BM is a thin-walled self-lubricating composite sliding material. It consists of a backing made of standard steel, stainless steel or bronze with a deva.metal layer applied in a combined rolling/sintering process. offers basically the same bearing characterictics as deva.metal but is capable of handling even higher loads and offers an economic solution to many bearing problems.


Deva.tex is a high performance self-lubricating sliding material with a glass-fibre reinforced backing layer. The machinable sliding layer consists of fibres which are embedded in epoxy resin. The resin carries PTFE as lubricant for excellent tribological performance. Deva.tex bearings are available in standard dimensions up to 200 mm according to DIN 4379 and are characterized by a very high corrosion and wear resistance.


Deva.glide is a self-lubricating bearing material that consists of a high-quality bearing bronze with solid lubcricant pockets. A thin film of solid lubricant aids the running-in process if required.

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